A Safe Home For Your Business

If you’re a business owner looking for a buyer who will work diligently to protect your employees, legacy, culture and reputation, you’ve come to the right place.

Rutland Capital Partners specialise in buying and growing businesses, providing equity investment and consultancy.

Mission-Driven Private Investment

As an entrepreneur who’s worked hard to create a successful enterprise, the stakes are high when it’s time to find a suitable acquirer. It’s never just about the money but, what you are leaving behind; Employees, clients and suppliers are relying on you to sell to a good suitor. Who can be trusted? Will they look after the team? Will they take care of your clients? Can they grow the business further? You need to get it right.

Rutland Capital Partners is a private investment and holding company. Backed by private entrepreneurs, with a commitment to long-term growth and a dedication to making things better.

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What We Do

Rutland focus on three core activities.


Your-Exit-plan. For a fair price and using a thoughtful deal structure, Rutland will acquire your established company in a way that gives you protection of the things you care about – Your staff, clients, culture, reputation, legacy, family and the future growth of the company. We work hard to make sure the disposal works for you and your own plans for exit.


Partners-in-business. We become stakeholders and work with you from the same side of the table. Providing capital if required, expertise and our black-book of contacts to help you optimise and grow. From award-winning marketing and sales experts, to our FD wizard who understands cash flow and financial engineering like the pros.


Guns-for-hire. Business optimisation. We work hard and fast with your existing management team to improve cashflow, reach and find new paying clients, and implement our 100-Day Growth and Profit Plan, to put the business back into growth mode. Sometimes, we get involved to save the business from sinking.

What To Do Next

If you’d like to discuss your business with us in a confidential manner because you need help to improve the gross margins and profits – or you’re thinking of exiting soon because of retirement or you feel you need some external assistance – then please get in touch by phone or email by clicking one of the buttons below. We look forward to speaking and seeing you soon.

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