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Advisory (How We Help Other Businesses Grow)

Rutland Capital Partners specialises in buying businesses, but we have also helped many businesses on their journey through our consultancy and advisory services.

If you are not quite ready for a sale or exit just yet then we have a large amount of expertise that may be able to assist your business in a number of ways, for example:

  • Help achieve growth aspirations
  • Raise finance
  • Strategic advice
  • Increase sale and profitability
  • Cost reduction
  • Restructuring the business
  • Assisting with future planning
  • Problem solving or rationalisation
  • Marketing strategy and planning
  • Help develop business skills or knowledge
  • Making connections within your industry

The list goes on, but Rutland can be as hands on as you like or simply provide some consultancy services for you to initiate in your business.

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Seeking advice or assistance in business does not highlight a weakness or lack of confidence. In most cases where we have worked with businesses, we have been able to offer them support in areas they didn’t realise they needed.

It can sometimes be refreshing and invigorating to your business to have some new ideas or to have an objective view from someone external to the business. Always seeking answers from within your business may not always give you the most efficient or effective outcome.

This is the reason that some companies will have non-executive directors, to provide this type of input. We can offer your business this same support.

One of the key factors to be mindful of is that all businesses need to be planning for an exit, whether is in the short term or longer term. We have met many businesses that are simply not structured appropriately to enable them to sell their business, when the time comes, or to maximise the value they have created in their business.

All of our consultancy advice is founded on this very principal, which our client find in valuable.

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