Rutland Capital Partners is a privately held company, focusing on buying online (Internet e-commerce) and offline (Bricks and Mortar) businesses. RCP also joint venture with property developers to build out their residential property real estate development projects around the London capital.

Managing Director, Faisal Khan. Click here to visit Faisal Khan's LinkedIN Profile

Rutland Capital Partners is headed by London born and based Faisal Khan.

From writing his first book at age 15 to reaching the top position in a network marketing mlm business at age 18, to living in 6 countries establishing sales and marketing teams to building a multi-million pound property portfolio, Faisal has a passion and dedication for finding ways to improve and grow businesses.

Faisal offers Rutland Capital Partners the following expertise:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Negotiation
  • Deal origination and acquisition
  • Leadership and inspiration

With industry experience in healthcare (he helped to build the largest phlebotomy training company in London), real estate acquisition and development, and online e-commerce, Faisal has a real teacher’s heart and loves to share his ideas and musings.

Professional Team of Advisers.

Rutland is advised by a professional team of advisers specialising in legal, finance, hr, pr, company structure, sales and marketing and business valuation.