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Akber Khan

Hi, my name is Akber Khan, and I am the Marketing Director for Rutland Capital Partners. 

My Quick Intro (1 min reading time)

Born and bought up in West London, I am trained and passionate in helping businesses grow by marketing their products and services on and offline. 

I’ve learnt the long, hard way, how to grow a business the quick and easy way. It’s not as hard as some people make out. 

I am Google Adwords and Analytics certified, married and have three young children. 

More detailed bio (6 min reading time)

How I cut my teeth

In my early 20’s, I set up and ran an affiliate marketing business, growing it from a single product to over 100 in my first year. We were rocking! We did great for years, but I mismanaged my money, squandered valuable income on things my business didn’t need and eventually, reluctantly, had to close it down. I felt gutted, sad, upset, ashamed, all at the same time, but determined to learn from my experiences.  

It was this exposure to marketing where I recognised how relevant advertising is, not only for local but for global businesses – I learnt how in the future, it will be an absolute necessity to a company’s growth, to sell your business’ products and services online, rather than an option. We have to evolve of we will be left behind. 

From Radio Shack and Rumbelows in the ’90s (remember them?) to the more recent closures of MFI (Furniture and Kitchens), Borders (Books), Comet, Tie Rack, Blockbuster, Staples, Maplin, Poundworld, Toys r Us, BHS, Woolworths, Thomas Cook and Mothercare. These brands are gone, and they all failed to change their business model. 

This is where innovation in marketing – creating marketing funnels, improving conversions, targetting your ideal clients, having an appealing value proposition, all make a difference to your survival.    

Since that first business, my focus has been on specialising in paid online advertising, which has led me to work with many global brands ranging from high-end fashion to airlines to hotel groups and charities. 

Working in these big industries, I’ve learnt not all businesses understand who their ideal clients are. Surprisingly, when I ask business owners who their perfect client is, they say random things like men. Or anyone. Or accountants. Or people that want to travel. That’s too random. In a world that tracks every move people make, it’s easy (if you can get to the data) to be much more specific. 

Like, my ideal client is, a 55-year man, who is retiring within the next 2 to 5 years, lives in London, earns at least £40,000 per year and loves travelling.  

My passion has always been in the field of marketing. Every business is different and has different ways of marketing. My experience has helped me to add value by recognising quickly what works and what doesn’t. Often the answer is to simplify the current system. 

An example of this was when I helped a global serviced-office provider to reduce the process for its customers to get more information. This small action helped to triple conversions for the company and led to them hiring new staff to handle the customer enquiries.

Family Man

My father taught me that the one constant in life is family. I am blessed with a very supportive wife and three beautiful children that I learn from every single day. They are the source of my determination, and why I get up every morning. For this, I am grateful.

Peter Urquhart

Hi I’m Peter Urquhart, Financial Director for Rutland Capital Partners

My Quick Intro (1 min reading time)

I help improve business profitability by –

  1. Improving the financial strength of a business,
  2. Improving the business’ systems and processes, and,
  3. Providing high-level strategy to identify where the best improvements and efficiencies can happen.

As an accountant and business owner with over 20 years’ experience, my passion is working with business on ‘the numbers’.

I have seen and worked with businesses for many years from small retail to large financial institutions.

Today, I’m semi-retired and advise businesses as a Financial Director, that need or want to improve their cash flow, need capital growth or want to exit.

I live in London with my wife, Lucy and two daughters.

More detailed bio (6 min reading time)

As a passionate numbers guy I always remember my early days in accountancy practice where I struggled to understand how the partners in the firm, whom I was meant to aspire to, never seemed to have any time to enjoy life. They were too busy working in their business and had no time left over to enjoy their spoils.

And, despite being an accountancy practice that specialised in giving clients advice on money, cash flow, taxation and finance, they never managed their own money that well — nothing ever beyond the basics.

And the situation never improved, even as they became even more wealthy. They still didn’t have a capital account to invest in assets, and they never found ways to improve the cash flow of the business.

During my career, I have also seen the opposite. How successful companies manage their business and the flow of money. And this is where I find my real passion to be.

Looking at management accounts, balance sheets, income and cash flow statements, I have learnt how to create the story of a business. Like X-ray vision, I can understand what’s happening.

An obvious example can be found if a business has invoice finance in place to cover the gap between doing the work and getting paid is the issue.

Your systems and policies around the collection of money need to be fixed and or adjusted.

By using some simple financial management, much of that gap can be eliminated. For example, extending the terms with your suppliers and reducing the terms with your clients.

There are many other ways, too, to make the gap vanish altogether.

Twenty years of working in finance, my journey continues, combined with constant learning and new experiences, I consult all types of businesses as an FD, about everything to do with money.

It’s fun and what makes me tick, which is why I think I’m good at it!

At Rutland Capital Partners, we acquire, manage and consult with businesses to assist them to improve their cash flow, sales, marketing and valuation.

We help businesses and those running them to improve efficiency, specifically focused on the financial health and cash flow to deliver improved profitability.

Further, we improve processes and systems to enable successful strategic initiatives and enhanced efficiency and cost-saving.

These skills and our business ethics enable us to achieve successful outcomes for all those we work with, in any capacity. It is gratifying to ‘add value’ to a business and improve the situation for all involved.

My business interests have mainly been in the area of residential property, through building a portfolio of investment property, development and management of residential lettings.

In 2007 I came very close to losing it all but was able to broker a deal to save most importantly: My name. I had to start over but was ‘in the red’ before I could move forward.

Coming through such a difficult time enabled me to grow stronger, and for the lessons learned in business and resilience, through that phase, I wouldn’t change any of it.

This experience has given me the skills to ensure that for any business I own or work with we ensure we have the strongest and most stable ‘foundations’ in place for the company first to ensure everyone is protected.

My daughters may find this hard to believe based on the ‘Treehouse’ I recently built them in our garden. The foundations may look a little wonky, but they are solid, and they will be standing for many years to come!

I look forward to working with you to improve your situation in business, strengthen those foundations and give you the outcome you hope for too.

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Faisal Khan

Hi, I’m Faisal Khan, Managing Director of Rutland Capital Partners.

My Quick Intro (1 min reading time)

I am a London based property developer, even though, nowadays, I spend most of my time buying and investing in companies that I can grow using my sales, marketing and systemisation expertise. I’m good at growing businesses and advise a top 200 UK charity.

Outside of work, I’m hacking my way to optimal health and improving my productivity.

I’ve learnt some super cool ways to de-stress, manage emotions, set goals, read and learn faster, teach others in a way that transforms them, be more organised and parent my six children in life and financial skills.

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The Longer Introduction (6 min reading time)


As an entrepreneur and investor, I love business. Especially finding and buying companies, working with business owners, and helping those companies grow. A recent success was growing a doctor’s training company from zero to the largest in London in only seven months.

Having a grounded understanding of the numbers in business has proved to be one of the best skills I’ve developed. Knowing which lever to pull can make the difference between a business winning and losing.


I’m passionate about property too. Having a very successful commercial mortgage broker as a dad helped a lot. I built a residential property portfolio to £90million from scratch in only 6 years. Over the last decade, I have also constructed £90million of projects and raised £250million in property finance including equity from family offices and bridging finance. Once, I raised £1.4m bridging finance in 24 hours to close a quick deal. Not my best deal but definitely my fastest.

Things I am Good at

Everyone thinks they are good at something. Here’s my take on myself:


I am a salesman, and I see marketing as nothing more than pre-selling. I’ve been involved in online and offline marketing and sales for a long time. Today, I use my time-tested marketing skills to help businesses increase sales and profits. It starts with identifying their dream clients, aligning the company’s core story, creating an irresistible value proposition and remarkable client journey experience. Then create a marketing system that puts it all together on autopilot. 

Every business needs a rhythmic acquisition of clients. A business’ sales pipeline has to be rhythmic. Every week or month, you should know how many clients you need and are going to serve, so I’ve mastered how to create the sales processes and systems to do this. When I lived in India and Canada I built a sales system that generated more than US$2million a month. 

If you’re still relying on referrals, traditional marketing and nothing else, then it pretty much means your business can’t scale, can’t be automated and can’t grow systematically. Get in touch if you’d like to change that.

Developing Systems:

I’m great at developing new systems and solutions when the current status quo isn’t good enough, such as setting up my own solicitors firm and bridging finance company so I could get better property deals and complete faster than anyone else – you get a better deal if you can tell a seller that you’d like to complete the purchase in 72 hours, and that’s easy when you have your own bank!

The best businesses have systems that give them the ability to produce consistent results – and that’s how you add shareholder value. I work with companies to create their marketing and sales systems.  

Finding stuff:

I think this is a secret skill that has developed over the years but I didn’t realise how important it was until someone told me. I can help you find your dream clients, find the perfect development site, find the perfect employee, find the perfect investor, whatever you’re looking for.

I built a system using a map that found me the best real estate deals in any area before anyone else. 

I’ve built a pipeline of brilliant companies I intend to acquire over the next 12-months. Deal flow is king.


Schools don’t produce leaders and entrepreneurs. I’ve taken the education of my children in my own hands, developing their thinking and life skills, financial literacy and character. I’m teaching them to be entrepreneurs and hopefully follow their passions. 

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